Museum Celebrates Huge Exhibition Success With Late-night Opening

Museum Celebrates Huge Exhibition Success With Late-night Opening

Friday 3rd Apr 2020

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery will be opening late this Friday evening to give visitors a last chance to see one of their most-successful exhibitions to date. 

Art lovers from across the UK have been travelling to Warrington over the past three months to take a look at the work of Warrington artist Eric Tucker.

Tucker’s work first hit the headlines in 2018 after his family discovered more than 400 paintings at his home following his death.

As crowds queued up for over two hours to see his work, the family contacted Warrington Museum & Art Gallery who opened their own exhibition Eric Tucker: The Unseen Artist in November 2019.

The story attracted widespread media attention and welcomed people from all over the country who had travelled to see this incredible collection of work.

Leah Biddle, Cultural Manager for Culture Warrington, has been astounded by the success of the exhibition and is eager to give as many people as possible the chance to see the work one last time.

She said: “Eric’s story is one that has inspired people from far and wide so we always expected that this exhibition would be a success.

“However, we have been truly blown away by the wonderful comments from visitors that have travelled the length and breadth of the UK to visit us so we wanted to give people one last chance to see this remarkable exhibition before it closes this weekend.”

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery will be open between 6pm and 8pm on Friday 21 February.

The exhibition closes on Sunday 23 February.

Leah said: “We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Tucker family and to everyone who has taken this incredible story to their hearts this winter.

“We’re sad to see the exhibition go this weekend but we’re also very excited for our upcoming ventures.”

Visitors can find out more about upcoming exhibitions at